First, let’s see some Mac problems we may encounter,

Problem 1. Frustrating! Some sticky files or apps got stuck within your system, failing your all attempts to clear it and you spent hours learning and try different shortcuts and terminal commands in order to achieve this simple task.

Problem 2. You are good at housekeeping your data and you perform the housekeeping every week but still, your storage is being invaded by some unknown application junk. How to clean that junk? Advanced users may get into the terminal and use different sets of commands to unhide all the hidden files and trace them in different directories to delete them with this fear in the back of their mind that it might not break their expensive Mac Machine. But it is a hard question to answer for a general user. 

Thus, if you are a general user without so much knowledge on system and computer, you may like to use a Mac system clean software like CleanMyMac X. But does it perform like what it said?  You may like to read this CleanMyMac X review to know it better.

What is CleanMyMac X? My Own Opinion

CleanMyMac X is developed by MacPaw, a company that released Mac programs such as The Unarchiver (the well-known free RAR opener for Mac).

MacPaw products include CleanMyMac X and The Unarchiver

MacPaw products include CleanMyMac X and The Unarchiver

CleanMyMac X is the latest version after the CleanMyMac 3 and the Classic version releases. I’ve personally used this app to have a deep test, and the result makes me believe that CleanMyMac X is a utility that every Mac owner should own to keep their machine always in good health. The big benefit of this app I think is saving time for a complete and safe cleanup, including clean the storage space, uninstall your unwanted app with the leftovers, and optimize the RAM use on your Mac.

If you don’t know much knowledge about the technique of system and computer, you are recommended to try CleanMyMac X. It’s easy to download and install, and it is safe to use to clean up your computer. Besides, it is updated and always ready to be used with the latest versions of OSX such as Catalina.

Is CleanMyMac X Safe to Use?

CleanMyMac X is proven to be safe to use, and you can download it through its official website or from the Mac App Store. In addition, this program was recommended by the famous tech sites like TechCrunch and Cult of Mac.

TechCrunch recommended CleanMyMac X

TechCrunch recommended CleanMyMac X

Is it safe to install? Can this app be easily uninstalled?

Once you download the utility from its official download page, you can open the .dmg file, and in the dialogue box simply drag the utility to the application folder, also if prompted, make sure to add this utility in the list of trusted applications. If not prompted you can go to simply do it by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General’ and allow CleanMyMac. Surely, you can easily uninstall CleanMyMac if you don’t like it.

CleanMyMac X Free vs Paid

Even on the trial basis, all the features and tools of CleanMyMac are available to test. The features like Cleanup, Security, and Optimization are available in the same utility. But the limit is that the trial version of the application lets the user clean only 500Mbs of System Junk and only allows completely remove one application.

Pro version whereas performs all the tasks of storage cleanup and Mac system optimization. Thus, CleanMyMac free vs Paid is totally different user experience, once you try the paid /pro version of the application, your mac machines appear to be boosted and wound up.  Of course, it’s not free, you will pay at least $34.95 to use all the features. CleanMyMac gives you more price plans than other Mac Cleaner programs.

How Does CleanMyMac X maintain your Apple Mac Machine for Better Performance?

CleanMyMac X provides you with cleanup procedures including cleaning the caches, system junk, unused old files, obsolete update packages, photo clutter such as screenshot and duplicates, trash bins, and large attachments existing redundantly within the system. Let’s see each of these features:


Mac OSX is a UNIX based operating system, the complex but well-organized directory system makes it difficult for the users to manually clear the temporary files generated by processes of different system and third-party applications. The main library is a hidden folder and it contains the supporting files for all the system and third-party applications. CleanMyMac assesses the files within all the directories and cleans the clutter. Once system Cleanup is run on the system, the user can manually review all the files selected by the utility for deletion.

Running the cleanup on photos junk helps you get rid of unnecessary duplicates of images and also helps you review all the screenshot and downloaded images within the systems. Trashes in OSX is a structured folder, sometimes files stick into the bins due to applications requirement and hence we get a sticky bin, CleanMyMac helps clear all the files moved into the trash bin but still keep the toll on the system storage.

After the deletion of the user from a particular machine, let’s say a temporary user you created for a friend for a joint project, will have temporary files with the library. Deleting these files is an impossible task but CleanMyMac helps you clear those files.

Privacy & Malware Protection

CleanMyMac X helps you find malware and files with weird file permissions. These files requiring unstructured file permission may lead your system to collapse, such sort of bugs and malware files are undetectable, CleanMyMac utility helps you find these malware and delete them from the system. With no worries about the viruses and malware the user experience is enhanced and an improved system environment helps you enjoy the system’s capabilities.

Speed Optimization and Maintenance

Random Access Memory RAM and Processor Cache are the major two integral components hosting all the essential data for system applications to work. If applications are not closed properly the data from those applications keep residing with the RAM. High RAM usage slows down the system performance and sometimes halts the system. Cleaning RAM and Cache is a matter of clicks within CleanMyMac and the system starts running again like a new system. But the user should be aware of the all the applications running within the system at that time, if there is an application such as Adobe Premier exporting the files, cleaning the RAM and Cache may halt the processing and premier may crash.

DNSflush using a terminal command is also cumbersome, CleanMyMac utility helps flush the DNS and helps your network have a fresh startup.

Large format Data Search

CleanMyMac X helps the spotlight of OSX to verify and catalog the data with all the internal and external storage. Indexing the large file formats and sorting them out for deletion based on how old these files are is the major feature of CleanMyMac X. Video Files and zip/archived files are searched and sorted for review of the user to shred the unnecessary files so that storages remain fresh and updated for better performance of the system.

Additional features of the offered by CleanMyMac in comparison with CleanMyMac alternative application, are updating the installed application and helping user clean uninstall of the third-party applications and utilities. This Utility is a complete package of system’s housekeeper with also tracks and logs are the essential activity performed.