Note: You are reading a very-long review article for iMyFone D-Back.

iMyFone D-Back was listed as the top 1 while I was searching on Google with the query “iPhone data recovery”. This program is also being listed on lots of media websites as one of the top iOS data recovery programs.

To know this app and its vendor better, I’ve searched for the reviews of iMyFone D-Back on the Internet. But the mixed reviews I got seem not helpful for me to build a unified view for this software. While it gets just a 1-star rating on Trustpilot, it gains almost a 5-star rating on other top Mac app downloading sites like MacUpdate and Softonic.

All of these make me confused and put me to test and review this app for knowing the fact whether it is able to get back the data people lost or deleted. And I would like to tell you the truth in this post.

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What is iMyFone D-Back?

iMyFone D-Back is one iPhone data recovery software that was created by iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd, which is one company located in Shenzhen of China. This software program has been designed to ensure that iOS users are able to get back the data that they accidentally lost or deleted in various situations, as well as giving the methods to fix some iOS issues.

Is iMyFone D-Back Safe to Use for My Data and My System?

Since I have a Windows system, I tested iMyFone D-Back on my Windows 7 Ultimate Vaio system to recover the data I’ve deleted on my iPhone. And sent the DMG installer to my friend Richard for a test on his MacBook

When I first downloaded it, I was worried that it would have some sort of malware or virus since the company is not well known; however, I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded it and my antivirus was not triggered at all. Not only is it free of viruses and malware, but it also does not contain the typically bundled software programs.

During my usage, I noticed that the scanning procedure it uses only reads the data; it doesn’t try to change anything, so I definitely knew that my existing data was safe. iMyFone obviously put safety in mind when it created this software, and this is basic for any apps.

Well, enough chatter about its bells and whistles, let’s see what it can actually do.

To Install This Software

To begin with, the download and install are seamless. The application launches quite quickly. But after the full launch, it popped up a comparison of its free plan and paid plan. Obviously, it is driving people to pay for the pro version just like most of the similar commercial apps.

iMyFone D-Back free vs paid

iMyFone D-Back free vs paid

iMyFone D-Back Free vs. Paid

On the pop-up window, it shows that the Trial version is restricted from fixing iOS issues and recovering data back to the device. It’s okay since the trial version is enough for me to have this test completed, at least it says it can preview deleted or lost data on my iPhone.

For Pro, you have to pay extra money.

Let’s see how much the Pro version of D-Back cost

Its price seems a little expensive but it’s okay since it offers a money-back guarantee.

There is a Basic Plan that cost less than $50.00, what you get is the opportunity to use this software on one device for a whole year. The next plan up the tier is the family plan that lets you use 2-5 devices for life all for $70. The Multi-user plan is the highest plan that lets you anything from a 6-unlimited number of devices, with the price ranging from $300-600.

To Recover Data using iMyFone D-Back [Review]

On the left side of the first screen, iMyFone gives you 5 options. And 4 of them could be used to do the data recovery. They are, Smart Recovery, Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, and Recover from iCloud Backup. And below are my complete tests and personal take on these recovery ways.

Smart Recovery

After clicking Start to use the Smart Recovery feature, you will get some data loss scenarios to choose from. And each one will drive you to a related solution. In a nutshell, this feature is just a smart navigate for you to choose the suitable data recovery solution.

iMyFone D-Back Smart Recovery

iMyFone D-Back Smart Recovery

For example, if you click the scenario “Lost or deleted data by accident”, it will suggest you use the solution of directly recovering from the device.

It doesn’t make any real recovery, but it is a good design for users to quickly find a suitable solution based on their specific situations.

Recover from iOS Device

This is the key feature of an iPhone data recovery program. Actually, most of people are in a situation of “no backup files stored on the computer or the Cloud”. So they are seeking a solution to recovering without backup. Then how does iMyFone D-Back work to directly get back lost data from the device?

iMyFone D-Back Review

iMyFone D-Back Recover Deleted Data

In fact, it takes me one hour and a half in scanning and analyzing my device. But it just got a few deleted items, including a piece of message chats and several phone numbers with “Unknown” names. It has a low success rate of data recovery using iMyFone D-Back. But, it’s possible that you may get those you deleted or lost.

Recover from iTunes Backup

This feature works only if you’ve ever used iTunes to back up your iPhone or iPad. The test result shows that iMyFone is capable of extract most of the data from my iTunes backups, even without connecting to my iPhone.

This feature would be very helpful if some people want to preview the contents on the compressed backup files, or just want to extract data from her/his backup file for a lost/stolen iPhone.

Notice that it may take you hours to finish the scanning of your backup file.  So be patient if you are going to use this feature. 🙂

Use iMyFone D-Back to scan a iTunes backup

Use iMyFone D-Back to scan an iTunes backup

Recover from iCloud Backup

This feature required me to log in with my Apple ID and passcode to access the contents on my iCloud server. But it failed to connect my iCloud after several attempts. So I didn’t have a deep test on this feature.

Fix iOS System

This is the last feature of iMyFone D-Back, and it provides 3 methods to help you easily fix some common iOS system issues. For example, if your iPhone stuck on a black and white Apple, or keeps restarting, you can use the Standard Mode to get the problem solved.

Or you forgot the passcode to unlock your iPhone, you can use the Advanced Mode to remove the passcode so that you can use your device again.

iMyFone D-Back feature - Fix iOS System

iMyFone D-Back feature – Fix iOS System

I didn’t test this feature since I know how exactly it works.

Actually, it just reset your device to the default setting via downloading and installing the firmware, which can absolutely restore the system of your iOS device back to normal. And people can do this manually without using a third-party app but the process may be a little complex for people who don’t know much about iOS tech skills. And it’s good that this app makes it simple to do this work.

My Overall Experience and My Opinion on D-Back

I wanted to recover my text messages, contacts, and notes. The recovery process took a bit of time to get going. That’s one of the things that frustrated me about this software. It took far much longer than I had anticipated restoring my data. And I wasn’t able to retrieve all the data I wanted. My notes were the major thing I wanted to restore, but for some reason, the system failed to do it.

What I did like, however, was how user-friendly the interface was. You don’t have to be technologically adept to use this software. The installation process is also seamless. It is basically just a click and you’re ready to restore your data. In addition, it works to preview data from my backup that I saved to my computer, and it scanned some deleted items finally. At least, this software gives the chance to get back lost data.